S2E5 The Weekly Bugle Vol 13 WandaVision Episode 3, Godzilla vs Kong, & more!

Hey friends! Welcome back for The Weekly Bugle Vol 13. This week we are discussing Episode 3 “Now In Color” of WandaVision, the new Godzilla vs Kong trailer, and more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 13

Another week of WandaVision means we have more theories. Sure some questions were possibly answered, but the show offered up even more to take their place. It’s like Hydra right? Pun intended.

Spoiler warning if you have not watched WandaVision episode 3.

the weekly bugle vol 13

WandaVision Episode 3 “Now In Color”

Episode 3 of WandaVision as we promised last week definitely kicked the story up a few notches. The last 10 mins or so are what some fans have been waiting for–the “Marvel feel.”

But lets back up. Before Monica was abruptly booted from Westview, there was a lot going on. Twins being born, a rogue stork, and more. Mephisto? It’s possible, and we talk about those theories this week.

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The big discussion this week is not about the layers of the Hydra Soak commercial but rather what do we think about Monica? Did Monica know what was going on in Westview or did she “snap out of it” no pun intended when Wanda began singing the lullaby?

We are hoping for a concrete answer in Episode 4. However, knowing Marvel, we might not get one.

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the weekly bugle vol 13 wandavision

Thor Love and Thunder Set Photos

It has been confirmed that all the Guardians of the Galaxy (minus Zoe Saldana’s Gamora) are in Australia to film Thor Love and Thunder. Another interesting leak this week showed off set photos with what appears to be Gorr The God Butcher’s homeworld.

See the set pics here on Twitter.

Gorr the god butcher explained

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Shang-Chi Trailer With Black Widow?

Simu tweeted that a Shang-Chi trailer WILL COME, but when is the question everyone wants to know. Likely, this trailer will accompany Black Widow. But with the rumors of another delay for Widow, we have no idea of knowing when this trailer will make its debut.

Speaking of Black Widow, I guess the time has come for us to suck it up and accept that we might not get a theatre release for this one. What do you think about premiere access with no more delays?


Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer

The long-awaited Godzilla vs Kong trailer dropped Sunday, and it has fans hyped. It looks like your typical monsterverse movie, but we wonder did they show the whole film in the trailer?

Who do you think will win this time? Based on the trailer it appears Kong will emerge victorious.

Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer

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