S2E3 The Weekly Bugle Vol 12 WandaVision Premiere, Ayer Cut, & More!

Hey friends! Welcome back for The Weekly Bugle Vol 12. WandaVision has officially debuted on Disney+ and we have a lot to talk about. Oh and another fake Loki, The Ayer Cut, and more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 12

We spent the bulk of our time chatting about WandaVision, how could we not? But we couldn’t leave you without talking about The Ayer Cut and what in the world is going on over at the DCEU.

Spoiler warning if you have not watched the WandaVision premiere.

the weekly bugle vol 12

WandaVision Premiere

We don’t know about you but we loved every minute of the premiere of WandaVision. The sitcom vibes and the looming presence of something sinister made for the perfect combination and welcome back to the MCU.

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Each episode offered up a lot in terms of Easter eggs and clues as to what could be coming in future episodes. If you missed anything don’t worry we got you. Basically, we watched each episode a ton of times so you don’t have to unless you want to. After all, Marvel, like Star Wars, aims to pack in a lot into each episode so multiple viewings are a must if you want to catch everything.

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Episode one was mostly feel good-sitcomy, but then dinner happened and things start to look a bit off. Do you think Mr. Hart was choking because of Wanda or was another outside force choking him to end his train of questioning?

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One of our favorite moments in episode 2 that happened was the ill-fated meeting of the women that included a massive tease to a certain devil of Marvel. Mephisto was referenced in the show and not only that he is a key component of Wanda’s story, her twins, and her eventual breakdown.

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While the commercials at first appear to be just callbacks to previous MCU films and characters we have a feeling they mean something more. The layers of these commercials might not be 100% clear until the last episode airs. But we have some theories.

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Agnes might be the best character, at least she has the best lines. I’m using that line about being sober at the next parent night at school. No shame.

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Moon Knight

Rumors have been going around that Ethan Hawke has reportedly joined the MCU as the villain in Moon Knight.

Thor Love and Thunder

Another big rumor is that Matt Damon was seen in Sydney where they are filming Thor Love and Thunder. Previously Matt played Loki in “The Tragedy of the Loki of Asgard” in Thor Ragnarok. Is he back as stage Loki or will he play a different role this time?

The Justice League and The Ayer Cut

Another week, another change to the Snyder Cut release. This time, Zack Snyder’s Justice League will now be 4 hours long and not a mini-series on HBO Max. It will also get a theatrical release. FOUR hours…in a theater? No thank you.

In other DCEU news, fans are once again calling for a director’s cut of a movie. This time it is the Suicide Squad. Director David Ayer released a scene with a burned Joker that was cut (like so many other scenes) from the final film. Given the time and effort it took to get The Snyder Cut released, we wonder if DC will listen sooner on this Ayer cut.

But we have to wonder, doesn’t all this make the studio look bad? What do you think DC fans?

the weekly bugle vol 12 the ayer cut

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