Meet The Geek Girls

Hey everyone, I’m Ashley Saunders and I’ve been a geek since I can remember. I’ve always loved comic books, movies, TV shows, reading, gaming, you name it I geek out for it. You can find a lot of my geek musings on my website and on Twitter @ThatAshleyErin

Ashley at Disneyland

Currently, I’m obsessing over Marvel Phase 4, Star Wars, my next Disney Parks trip, Kingdom Hearts, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I’m always looking for suggestions on new books and shows to watch so feel free to tweet me if you have any. You can also find my trailer reactions and movie reactions on my Youtube Channel.

Ashley and Jana at Disneyland

Hey, friends! I’m Jana Seitzer! Similar to Ashley, I’ve been geeky for as long as I can remember. I’m old enough (barely) to have seen the first Star Wars in the theatres and I grew up reading comics and adoring cult movies like The Goonies.

Marvel and Star Wars are my two favorite fandoms, followed closely by Harry Potter. I fell in love with Disney when I was 6 years old and get to the parks multiple times annually. My favorite rides are Space Mountain and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Fortunately, my family is almost as geeky as I am, so it works out well for travel destinations, movie choices, and such.

I’m related to John Carpenter, so I come by my love of creepy things honestly. I know, it explains a lot.

You can find me geeking out on my website and on Twitter/Instagram @whiskynsunshine.