S2E28: Our Favorite Falcon and Winter Soldier Moments

The Falcon and Winter Soldier may have come to an end but Marvel released Assembled: The Making of the Falcon and Winter Soldier on Disney+ and it gave us an epic look at what it took to bring the latest Marvel Studios show to life.  After talking Assembled we wanted to share some of our favorite Falcon and Winter Soldier moments.

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Favorite Falcon and Winter Soldier Moments

For this episode, we were joined by our friend Lizzie. You can find her on Twitter @thelizzietea as well as her podcast Marvel Shipyard coming soon to RandomChatter.com and shop her awesome vintage site Moorage Thrift House.

Assembled: The Making Of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

One of the things we all really enjoy about the Assembled show on Disney+ is that it shows how much care and detail it takes to showcase the latest Marvel show. Falcon and Winter Soldier was especially intriguing as it really dove into the struggles and triumphs of filming during the pandemic.

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The show also highlights each character and we got a chance to see Zemo’s cut commercial. Also, can we seriously get that jacket? Marvel, Her Universe, someone? Moving on from Zemo’s coat, we all loved hearing about Sam and Bucky’s arc and what it meant to the actors as well as the crew. The care for this show and the powerful storylines is evident when watching Assembled.

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Favorite Falcon and Winter Soldier Moments

It was definitely hard to pick these Falcon and Winter Soldier moments but we attempted to narrow it down to three each. Or rather three-ish each. Fortunately, we had some overlapping choices, which meant we got to pick more. See how that works?

Do ours match yours? Let us know!

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Oh, and we are still campaigning hard for a Dora Milaje series, workout program, the #DoraMilajeCut something.

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