S2E26: Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale Breakdown

It’s here the moment we have waited and dreaded, the finale of Falcon and Winter Soldier. Episode 6, “One World, One People” gave us a ton of action, Sam in his new suit, and a few surprises. That one reveal though left us going really? This is what you went with Marvel? Are you ready for this Falcon and Winter Soldier finale breakdown?

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If you haven’t watched Episode 6 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier this is your spoiler warning.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale Breakdown

Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale Breakdown

The finale begins with Karli making moves to stop the GRC vote. Sam and Bucky arrive on the scene where Bucky meets up with Sharon who snuck in using a little trick Black Widow loves. Karli planned to make the GRC flee the building so they could be kidnapped by the Flag Smashers. Sam figures it out and tries to keep it from happening. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Batroc’s interference. However, that gave us a chance to see his new suit and watch him kick some Leaper butt.

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Episode 6 felt like the third act of any Marvel film, packed with enough action to satisfy every hardcore fan. Sam not only got a new suit but he has fully accepted his new role as Captain America. When he saves a truck full of GRC members even the crowd is finally putting respect on his name.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale Breakdown

Bucky was finally thanked after he saved a group from burning up in a truck. It’s about time these two guys get the love they deserve. And I guess we do have to mention Walker decided to do the right thing…eventually. Of course, he is still a giant toddler and the proof of that is how he acts during his later meeting with Contessa Valentina. Speaking of our friend Val, we have some thoughts about her and Zemo.

Oh and Zemo? We told you so!

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In one of the most powerful scenes to date, Sam gives a speech while the world watches. In it he talks about how the governments need to change, they need to do better by the people they govern. And he knows what it’s like to struggle. He is aware of how people will hate him simply for being a Black man wearing the Stars and Stripes.

We cannot say enough about this scene. Seriously, just go back and watch it again.

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Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale Breakdown

Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale Post Credit Scene

Sharon revealed herself to be the Power Broker earlier in the episode. In the post-credit scene, she gets her pardon and decides to use her newly gained power for evil. What are your thoughts? We have a lot.

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