S2E9: The Weekly Bugle Vol 16 WandaVision Episode 6 Breakdown and More!

Welcome back to the Geek Girls’ Universe for The Weekly Bugle Vol 16. This week we are discussing Episode 6 of WandaVision, Cherry, and more!

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the weekly bugle vol 16

The Weekly Bugle Vol 16

WandaVision episode 6 lived up to its Halloween SPOOKtacular name. It was creepy, intense, and left us begging the universe to make it Friday again. What is going on with Hayward and Monica? Billy and Tommy are coming into their own, and Uncle P may not be who he claims to be.

Spoiler warning if you have not watched WandaVision episode 6.

WandaVisions Episode 6 Breakdown

the weekly bugle vol 16 wandavision episode 6 breakdown

This episode packed a lot in despite being shorter than episode 5. Several key things were revealed this week. One – Hayward is DEFINITELY up to no good. We talked Project CATARACT and what it could mean for Vision. Two – Monica still seems nonplussed to learn her DNA has been changed on a molecular level. She shrugs it off leaving us and Woo to question what she isn’t revealing yet.

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Three – Billy and Tommy did get their comic book powers. Whether or not this will save them if Mephisto comes calling remains to be seen. Perhaps, this moment is exactly what the devil was waiting for.

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Four – Vision is still very much dead in the real world. In a traumatic scene, Vision attempts to leave the hex and proceeds to fall apart in front of our eyes. Darcy is the only one who cares.

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Five – The hex has expanded and only Woo, Monica, Hayward, and a handful of other SWORD soldiers made it out. We hope that Monica and Woo got the file Darcy sent off about CATARACT and are able to meet up with her “guy.” Who is that? *cough* Reed Richards *cough*

Finally, Uncle Pietro continued to be shady. He admits he is there to cause her grief, but what kind of grief? We don’t know yet. Faux Pietro has some interesting questions for Wanda and “explanations” for why he looks so different. However, he makes a nasty comment about Vision already being dead, which prompted Wanda to power blast him across Town Square.

It will be interesting to see them interact next week and if we will ever see our beloved MCU Pietro again.

the weekly bugle vol 16 wandavision episode 6 breakdown pietro


We both had the opportunity to screen Tom Holland’s latest Cherry and wow it was brilliant. Tom delivered the best performance of his career while the Russo Bros once again blew us away with their cinematography and direction. This story focuses on tough subject matter and neither the Russo’s or Holland shy away from it.

They bring this semi-autobiographical story to life in a raw, heartbreaking, yet stunning way.

Cherry is in select theaters 2/26 and on AppleTV+ 3/12.

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the weekly bugle vol 16 cherry Tom Holland

Tom and Jerry The Movie

Another film we screened this week and the complete opposite of Cherry was Tom & Jerry The Movie. We also had the chance to talk with Director, Tim Story, about the movie.

Whether you are a fan of the original cartoons or just looking for a fun, action-packed family film Tom & Jerry is a must-see. All of our kids give it two big thumbs up.

tom and jerry the movie podcast

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