S3E6: Shang-Chi Easter Eggs, Breakdown, Shirtless Simu & More With Special Guest

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is on fire at the box office, pulling in serious numbers despite the pandemic. We’ve seen it a bunch of times and couldn’t wait to share all the Shang-Chi Easter eggs with you. But we also knew we wanted to have our friend Mike from the What You Talking podcast join us. Mike has hung out with on here before for the Friend, Marry, Kill Marvel edition. Here is a quick recap: he loathes Iron Fist, Jane Foster, and Shirtless Shang-Chi. The last one we naturally don’t agree with.

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This is your spoiler warning if you have not watched Shang-Chi.

Shang-Chi Easter Eggs

Shang-Chi Easter Eggs

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings featured a lot of Easter eggs not only from Marvel Comics and the MCU but also from Chinese mythology. The way the filmmakers wove in these various nods made for an awesome film.

Some of our favorites were how the Mandarin issue was addressed from Iron Man 3 and of course the mythical creatures. Morris is a star and we all agree that he needs a Marvel One Shot with Trevor to show us what their life is like now in Ta-Lo.

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We naturally supported the Shirtless Simu scenes but Mike is waiting for a What If… Shang-Chi Keeps His Shirt On? Probably won’t happen but Mike is willing to stay on that hill… alone.

Aside from the shirtless debate, we also discussed what would’ve made Shang-Chi better, spoiler: more Michelle Yeoh, what we think about those post credit scenes, and where the Ten Rings might show up next.

It was another fun one! Thanks Mike for joining us! We will see you again when the Thor Love and Thunder trailer debuts if not before.

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