Ep. 24: Interview With Disney Cast Member Ashlee Santmyers

We are back with another meeting the Magic Makers episode. These episodes are dedicated to showcasing the amazing talents of Disney Cast Members. This time we chatted with Ashlee Santmyers, a cast member from Walt Disney World. 

Interview With Disney Cast Member Ashlee Santmyers

Ashlee is a pastry chef in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. She enjoys being able to create the various treats you can find throughout the park. Cakes are her favorite thing to make!

She is also a geek just like us! So you know we had to ask her to pick her favorites and yes we know that can be as hard as picking a favorite child. Ashlee told us how she and her husband are a house divided: Batman vs. Superman and Sailor Moon vs. Dragonball Z. We had to share our own picks out of those two!

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Ashlee owns Storybook Delights, where she makes sweet treats for various fandoms and occasions. Every order is custom, Ashlee will work with you to figure out the perfect flavor and decoration combinations to make your next special event shine.

Getting custom made cakes or cupcakes would be a perfect way to have some Disney Magic at home. Going into the winter months, we definitely recommend an extra dose of magic.

Some of our favorites from Storybook Delights are:

This Batman Wedding Cake is phenomenal! We know a few Batman fans who would love this at their wedding.

Interview With Disney Cast Member Ashlee Santmyers

Do you even like Disney if you don’t have a Mickey-themed birthday party at least once? Look at this adorable Mickey Mouse cake complete with the ears on top!

Mickey Cake

Obviously, we love Star Wars around here so this cake is a definite favorite. And we bet she can put one together themed after The Mandalorian too if you ask! Just saying!!

Interview With Disney Cast Member Ashlee Santmyers

Calling all witches, wizards, and muggles! These Wizard House Cookies look amazing. You need them for your next Yule Ball.

Interview With Disney Cast Member Ashlee Santmyers

Order your custom pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and more from Storybook Delights today!

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