Ep. 21: Interview with Disney Cast Member Felicia Wisniewski

It is no secret we are big Disney fans. When the news of the furloughs and lay-offs came down our hearts broke. We wanted to help in any way we could. Part of our plan is to showcase the amazing Magic Makers, the people who are behind all the magic you experience when heading to the park. From PhotoPass photographers and character attendants to chefs and artists, it takes a lot of special people to make Disney what it is.

Interview with Disney Cast Member Felicia Wisniewski

We got a chance to talk with Felicia Wisniewski, a magic-making cast member from Walt Disney World. Felicia works in costuming primarily at Magic Kingdom. One of her favorite events to work is Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire stage show. The colors, the seasonal changes, it is all so fun.

She is also a geek just like us! So you know we had to ask her to pick her favorites and yes we know that can be as hard as picking a favorite child. Felicia loves Tiana, Daisy, and Star Wars. You know we had to talk some Star Wars with her because we Geek Girls are all about it.

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As a big fan of Star Wars, she tells us what it was like to be one of the first CM’s to see what The Rise of the Resistance costumes would look like. We aren’t jealous at all…not at all…

Felicia owns Fandom Sophisticates, an Etsy shop where she makes and sells items for various fandoms, including hard to find pieces for Disney favorites! Lucky for us, and you, Felicia’s shop is also open for CUSTOM orders. So if you’re prepping for a runDisney event, a day at the parks, or just feel like showing off your fandom loving side, she is your girl.

Some of our favorites from Fandom Sophisticates are:

Move it! Shake it! MousekeDance it! Street Party inspired 3D Printed Ears

You can’t help but love the Move it! Shake it! MousekeDance it! Street Party! The costumes are colorful, the music is lively, and it is a great time to interact with some of your favorite characters. These ears bring that joy to life and are sure to get you a ton of compliments at the park.

Interview with Disney Cast Member Felicia Wisniewski

Ben Solo Live Vinyl

This one is available in English or Aurebesh. It would look great on your laptop, car window, water bottle, basically wherever you can stick a sticker.

Frozen Icon Poodle Skirt

Who said Frozen is only for kids? Warm-up your vocal cords and get ready to go Into The Unknown with this poodle skirt. Elsa not your girl? No worries, Felicia can make one custom for your favorite Disney Princess.

Shop Fandom Sophisticates Today!

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