Ep. 26 The Weekly Bugle Vol 6 | The Mandalorian Chapter 13, Manda-LORE, Blue Milk, and More!

Hey, friends! Welcome to this week’s The Weekly Bugle Vol 6. This week we discuss The Mandalorian Chapter 13, Batuu, Blue Milk, The Child, and more!

the weekly bugle vol 6

The Weekly Bugle Vol. 6

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Five The Jedi.

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The Mandalorian Season 2 The Jedi

Dave Filoni BROUGHT IT in this week’s episode. We meet Ahsoka Tano, where Mando finds her in the forest of Corvis. He tells her that Bo-Katan sent him. She meets The Child and is able to communicate with him through The Force.

She learns he was raised and trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After the fall of the Republic, he was evacuated from the Temple and has been suppressing his powers to survive all these years.

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This week’s big reveal: we learn The Child’s name–Grogu. The internet is definitely at odds as to how they feel about his name. We believe most people will probably still refer to him as Baby Yoda. WIll you? Leave a comment or tweet us @whiskynsunshine and @thatashleyerin.

Mando and Ahsoka team up to free the prisoners in Calodan.

“A Mandalorian and a Jedi? They’ll never see it coming.” -Mando

The other big points we discussed were regarding Ahsoka mentioning she is on the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Beskar weapon that was won from Imperial Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth of Calodan.

During the fight between Ahsoka and the Imperial Magistrate, the Beskar staff could not be defeated by Ahsoka’s TWO lightsabers. Our theory? The Beskar staff will be needed to defeat the Darksaber. When Ahsoka wins against the magistrate, she is forced to divulge the location of her master, Thrawn. If Thrawn is also alive, which of our other favorite Rebels will we see as live-action characters?

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Manda-LORE – The Beskar Staff

About the Beskar staff…something we didn’t talk about on the podcast but you get here because it’s worth talking about. One theory? It is possible the Beskar staff is actually a bevii’ragir, a traditional Mandalorian hunting spear.

The bevii’ragir features a removable weighted counterbalance on the flat end of the staff that serves as a weapon in combat or as walking stick. While not canon, the bevii’ragir was introduced in the 2008 Star Wars: Republic Commando novel Order 66–and when has universe material vs. canon ever stopped Filoni? I mean, just look at Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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Batuu, Blue Milk, and the Gungan

This week, Ashley joined us from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Okay, I guess it wasn’t *that* far, but far enough. On location in Batuu (East Coast), Ashley called in for our Weekly Bugle recording, complete in her Ahsoka Tano Disneybound.

Ashley also thanked me for recommending the Blue Milk with Rum. I’ve been touting how it’s my favorite of all the versions, alcoholic and non in Disney Parks, and now she can confirm she feels the same.

I also cursed her once again with the Gungan. You’ll have to listen to the episode to know how!

‘Til the Spire, friends!

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