S2E32: The Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown “Cut and Run”

Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown

Star Wars and Disney not only dropped an exciting 70-minute premiere for The Bad Batch but they also released episode 2, “Cut and Run” this morning. Now that the Batch are fugitives of the Empire, they must find a way to survive. The problem is the Empire is cracking down on its people and they have a curious child in tow.

Before we get into this Bad Batch episode 2 breakdown, this is your spoiler warning. The Bad Batch is now streaming on Disney+.

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Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown

The Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown

The Clone Wars intro is gone. Now the boys are fugitives from the empire and are responsible for a young clone – Omega. Clone Force 99 has made it to J-19 but unfortunately so has the empire.

They meet up with an old friend, someone you may recognize if you watched The Clone Wars. Cut also drops a hint that Rex has come and gone recently. Since Rex appeared briefly in the trailer, it is safe to say we may see him really soon.

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With the increased presence of the empire, Cut and his family needs passage off the planet but the only way to do so is with chain codes. Unfortunately, he can’t get one since he is technically a deserter. That’s not an issue for the Bad Batch. Tech comes up with a great plan. But things never go as planned for our clones and they must fight their way out.

We are sharing our thoughts on episode 2 and where think the series is headed. Plus you can hear the full breakdown. Subscribe today so you don’t miss an episode!

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S2E31: The Bad Batch Premiere Breakdown “Aftermath”

bad batch premiere breakdown

Happy May the 4th Be With You! As any Star Wars fan knows, this is an important day on our calendar. This year, Disney and Lucasfilm released The Bad Batch, the latest animated offering in the Star Wars canon.

Before we get into this Bad Batch premiere breakdown, this is your spoiler warning. The Bad Batch premiere is now streaming on Disney+.

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bad batch premiere breakdown

The Bad Batch Premiere Breakdown

Being a spiritual successor of The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch starts off in typical Clone Wars fashion. A narrator brings everyone up to speed on the latest happenings in the galaxy. Then it’s time for our Batch to do what they do best.

After they save the day the galaxy descends into chaos when Order 66 is enacted. All the clones around them proceed to react and eliminate the Jedi master in their midst. They also attempt to kill a young Padawan who Star Wars Rebels fans might just recognize.

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Hunter and most of the Batch are confused by this new order and what life in the empire will mean for them. Crosshair however is more on the order following side and disagrees with Hunter’s methods.

They meet a new clone named Omega who reveals Kamino is no longer safe for her or the Batch. After a daring escape, the crew sets course for a planet to visit an old friend. Unfortunately, one of their own has turned on them. The fact that he is now working steadfastly for the empire will make for some epic drama down the road.

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bad batch premiere breakdown

S2E25: The Weekly Bugle Vol 25 Alfred Molina, Shang-Chi Trailer, & More

The weekly bugle vol 25 marvel podcast Shang-chi

Welcome back to the Geek Girls’ Universe for The Weekly Bugle Vol 25. This week we are talking about Alfred Molina confirming the worst kept secret in the MCU, the Shang-Chi teaser trailer, Bad Batch, and more!

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The Weekly Bugle Vol 25

The Weekly Bugle Vol 25

Alfred Molina In Spider-Man No Way Home

We joke about Spider-Man 3 news constantly. Oh look someone else is confirmed. Isn’t everyone in this movie at this point? Welcome back Happy! In Spider-Man news this week Alfred Molina spills the tea on Doc Ock’s return in No Way Home.

He even calls himself the worst kept secret on the internet, and he isn’t wrong. Maybe that is why Marvel decided it was okay to let him do this interview with Variety. His character’s story will pick up where it left off, you know with his death. But like Molina says, it’s Marvel, no one is ever really dead.

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Shang-Chi Teaser Trailer and Poster

Happy Birthday to Simu (and a belated one to Ashley)! Marvel Studios not only dropped the new poster for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings but also a trailer. In it, we see the real Mandarin, the Ten Rings, Death Dealer, Shang-Chi in action, and more.

We are so hyped for this movie and what it means for the future of the MCU. And the possibility that it could tie in with Falcon and The Winter Soldier is something we haven’t let go of yet.

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The weekly bugle vol 25 marvel podcast Shang-chi

The Bad Batch

While a Marvel break is coming in May we do have something nerdy to look forward to. The Bad Batch will debut on May 4 on Disney+ with a special 70-minute premiere episode.

We are interviewing Dee Bradley Baker and others involved with the show this week. The Bad Batch is a kick-butt group of Clone soldiers and we cannot wait for you to see the show.

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Star Wars Podcast Bad Batch

Lord of The Rings

Filming has been underway for Lord of the Rings season one on Amazon but what is shocking is the price tag. We hope you are sitting down for this. The cost for season one ALONE is $465 million. MILLION.

Game of Thrones didn’t even cost that much. Did they buy Middle Earth?

Avengers Assemble

Disneyland in California isn’t the only park to get the Avengers treatment. Disneyland Paris just revealed a look at their Avengers Campus. This will complement the Hotel New York, which already features Marvel artwork but is being upgraded for the Avengers Campus reveal.

Who is ready for a trip to France?

disney podcast avengers campus

Ep. 30 The Weekly Bugle Vol 9 Mandalorian Season 2 Finale, Ahsoka, and more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 9

Hey friends! Welcome back to The Weekly Bugle Vol 9. 3 words: The Mandalorian FINALE!! Oh and probably some more Spider-Man news because why not. They can’t help themselves from announcing things.

The Weekly Bugle Vol 9

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Eight The Rescue.

The Mandalorian Season 2 The Rescue

The last episode of The Mandalorian was fun, but we knew this one was going to take us on an adventure. Little did we know just how much of a roller coaster it would be, emotionally speaking. Peyton Reed delivered one hell of a ride for this episode. From Luke’s Darth Vader Rogue One-like entrance to the extra dose of girl power, The Rescue had us feeling all sorts of things.

We discuss what we thought of the episode and where we think season 3 will take Mando, the darksaber, and Grogu. PS, Kylo Ren don’t even think about it.

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The Book of Boba Fett–mind blown. This was the spin-off we didn’t know we needed until Filoni and crew served it to us. It’ll be interesting to see what role Boba and Fennec will play on Tatooine’s underworld.

weekly bugle vol 9

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Spider-Man 3 Casting News

It’s been another week and more casting news/rumors have surfaced for Spider-Man 3. Seriously though does someone, anyone have a flow chart we could borrow for this?

This time Hannibal Buress and Martin Starr are set to be back as Peter’s teachers. The former being the gym teacher and the latter his academic decathlon coach. This announcement isn’t so left field at least and was more or less suspected to be true anyway.

Martin starr Spiderman 3

Ahsoka Live-Action Series

We didn’t really get into the Star Wars news too much last week, but this week we decided to talk about the one we are probably the most excited for–Ahsoka flipping Tano.

Ahsoka not only means more Ahsoka it means a live-action Thrawn, Ezra, and Sabine are totally possible and basically guaranteed. With Filoni helming this one, and his love for Ahsoka, we know its going to be great. We have some thoughts though and hopefully he listens.

live action Ahsoka

Ep. 28 The Weekly Bugle Vol 8 Disney Investor Day Trailers, The Mandalorian & More!

the weekly bugle vol 7

Hey friends! Welcome back to The Weekly Bugle Vol 8. We have A LOT to talk about this week with all those Disney Investor Day trailers dropping. 2021 is going to be MARVELous at least in terms of new things to geek out about! We are also going to get into The Mandalorian Chapter 15, all the Spider-Man 3 casting news (it’s hard to keep up right?!), and more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 8

The Weekly Bugle Vol 8

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Seven The Believer.

The Mandalorian Season 2 The Believer

The Believer saw fan favorite Migs Mayfield and Mando teaming up to gain the info needed to track down Moff Gideon. Things never go as planned though and improvising is a must. Poor Mando even breaks the creed all for the love of Baby Yoda.

We, too, would also break sacred oaths to save the baby, tbh.

This episode saw some callbacks to Rogue One and a hilarious Office Space quote. It ends with Mando telling Gideon in a hologram that he’s coming for the kid and Moff has no idea what he is up against. All we can imagine is Din is assembling the Star Wars Avengers to get Grogu back.

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The Weekly Bugle Vol 8

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Loki Trailer

Disney Investor Day came and it was like the holidays came early for us geeks. You get a trailer, you get a trailer, you get a trailer! One of the most highly anticipated shows coming to Disney Plus is Loki and we finally have more than a seconds glimpse at our favorite god of mischief.

It started out simple enough, 2012 Loki in Avengers Endgame stealing the tesseract and going about his business. Typical Loki. Then we see he has been captured by the TVA. The Time Variance Authority, try to govern a significant number of realities in the multiverse.

Blink and you might miss it but someone who looks an awful lot like Natasha aka Black Widow is seen sitting on a rock. We all know Loki can shape-shift and he’s not the only one with that power, but who knows, maybe he ends up in the past or in the future with Nat.

Throughout the trailer we see different versions of Loki and a mysterious hooded figure. We have some thoughts as to who that might be. It ends with a callback to the 2016 comic series Vote Loki.

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Falcon and The Winter Soldier Trailer

After the Disney+ TV spot that seemed forever ago we finally got to see what Sam and Bucky are getting into in the new series.

The banter, the side-eye, and respect is still there. Classic Marvel humor check, killer action check, Bucky Barnes and Same looking good double-check. They are chasing after Flag-Smasher (aka one of the worst villain names ever) and might even have to team up with Zemo to take her down.

It appears based on this trailer Stark Industries is still funding superhero adventures, US Agent is definitely a bad guy (no shocker there), and Isaiah Bradley, the first black Captain America from the 2003 comic miniseries Truth: Red, White, and Black might also be shown or at the very least mentioned.

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WandaVision Trailer

WandaVision’s second trailer answered some questions while creating others. And after that shot of the mysterious beekeeper and radio message, we don’t think it is Wanda who is controlling the chaos and trapping everyone in suburban hell.

Some other interesting takeaways were further confirmation Agnes is indeed Agatha Harkness, Monica Rambeau is also trapped in the neighborhood, and Wanda’s children’s superpowers will be featured. The butterfly effect COULD have been Wanda’s doing but most likely was Wiccan.

We are a little over a month away from the premiere of WandaVision and we cannot wait. Let Marvel Phase 4 begin!

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Marvel’s What If?

The weekly bugle vol 8 didn’t focus too much on this one because honestly we could’ve kept talking and talking and talking about all the marvel news. However, we are super excited about this one.

Which What If? story are you looking forward to the most?

Spider-Man 3 Casting News

Can we even keep track at this point who is returning?? Even Tom Holland is getting in on the jokes, laughing at rumors of Mark Hamill reprising his role as Luke Skywalker in the film.

Charlie Cox will return as Daredevil which makes us happy. Several times our #MarvelMondays Twitter chats have talked about this possibility. Peter needs a lawyer, Matt is a lawyer, Charlie Cox was awesome on the show–win-win.

the weekly bugle vol 8

The other exciting announcement is that Alfred Molina will be back as Doc Ock. He was last seen in the Maguire led films of the early 2000s.  Kirsten Dunst and Andrew Garfield are reportedly reprising roles with Maguire is still in talks with Marvel/Sony.

Sources say MOST of these returning characters will be quick fan service and that it’s still Holland’s movie, which is relief. If this was any other studio other than Marvel Studios handling this many characters in a film we would be worried.

Warner Bros Streaming Plans For 2021 Not Everyone Is Happy

Last week we talked about Warner Bros making the move to release everything in 2021 on HBO Max. At the time, one studio–Legendary–was not happy. Turns out everyone is kinda pissed off at WB. And it is a whole mess.

True Blood Reboot

In this week’s what is making a comeback whether it needs to or not is True Blood. Variety has confirmed a reboot is in the early stages at HBO. And again we want to know why?

Ep. 26 The Weekly Bugle Vol 6 | The Mandalorian Chapter 13, Manda-LORE, Blue Milk, and More!

Hey, friends! Welcome to this week’s The Weekly Bugle Vol 6. This week we discuss The Mandalorian Chapter 13, Batuu, Blue Milk, The Child, and more!

the weekly bugle vol 6

The Weekly Bugle Vol. 6

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Five The Jedi.

Photo: Disney+

The Mandalorian Season 2 The Jedi

Dave Filoni BROUGHT IT in this week’s episode. We meet Ahsoka Tano, where Mando finds her in the forest of Corvis. He tells her that Bo-Katan sent him. She meets The Child and is able to communicate with him through The Force.

She learns he was raised and trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After the fall of the Republic, he was evacuated from the Temple and has been suppressing his powers to survive all these years.

Photo: Disney+

This week’s big reveal: we learn The Child’s name–Grogu. The internet is definitely at odds as to how they feel about his name. We believe most people will probably still refer to him as Baby Yoda. WIll you? Leave a comment or tweet us @whiskynsunshine and @thatashleyerin.

Mando and Ahsoka team up to free the prisoners in Calodan.

“A Mandalorian and a Jedi? They’ll never see it coming.” -Mando

The other big points we discussed were regarding Ahsoka mentioning she is on the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Beskar weapon that was won from Imperial Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth of Calodan.

During the fight between Ahsoka and the Imperial Magistrate, the Beskar staff could not be defeated by Ahsoka’s TWO lightsabers. Our theory? The Beskar staff will be needed to defeat the Darksaber. When Ahsoka wins against the magistrate, she is forced to divulge the location of her master, Thrawn. If Thrawn is also alive, which of our other favorite Rebels will we see as live-action characters?

Photo: Disney+

Manda-LORE – The Beskar Staff

About the Beskar staff…something we didn’t talk about on the podcast but you get here because it’s worth talking about. One theory? It is possible the Beskar staff is actually a bevii’ragir, a traditional Mandalorian hunting spear.

The bevii’ragir features a removable weighted counterbalance on the flat end of the staff that serves as a weapon in combat or as walking stick. While not canon, the bevii’ragir was introduced in the 2008 Star Wars: Republic Commando novel Order 66–and when has universe material vs. canon ever stopped Filoni? I mean, just look at Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Photo: Whisky + Sunshine

Batuu, Blue Milk, and the Gungan

This week, Ashley joined us from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Okay, I guess it wasn’t *that* far, but far enough. On location in Batuu (East Coast), Ashley called in for our Weekly Bugle recording, complete in her Ahsoka Tano Disneybound.

Ashley also thanked me for recommending the Blue Milk with Rum. I’ve been touting how it’s my favorite of all the versions, alcoholic and non in Disney Parks, and now she can confirm she feels the same.

I also cursed her once again with the Gungan. You’ll have to listen to the episode to know how!

‘Til the Spire, friends!

Ep. 25 The Weekly Bugle Vol 5 | The Mandalorian Chapter 12, Loki, The Snyder Cut, & More!

the weekly bugle vol 5

Hey friends! Welcome to this week’s The Weekly Bugle Vol 5. We have a lot to discuss including The Mandalorian Chapter 12 ending, Loki rumors, the Snyder Cut, and more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 5

The Weekly Bugle Vol. 5

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Four The Siege.

The Mandalorian Season 2 The Siege

Just when you thought Baby Yoda couldn’t be any cuter, he goes to school. We have never felt more seen than when he used The Force to get cookies. Now if only that would work while waiting in line at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge…

The big reveal for this week came at the end when we saw just what Moff Gideon has been up to. Those are DARK TROOPERS. Most likely these are based on the 2014 mobile game Star Wars: Commander characters of the same name. They even look the part. It will be interesting to see if they are a type of droid, clone, or super clone with dark force abilities.

Either way, Din, The Child, and all their friends are in for a big fight.

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Dark Troopers

Next week Chapter 13 is supposedly titled “The Jedi.” With Dave Filoni directing, that could mean Ahsoka flipping Tano. Finally!

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan shared a behind-the-scenes picture of him relaxing in a chair. You can’t see much except that clearly he and Mackie are going to have that great banter they had in Civil War. It looks like Bucky isn’t over Sam not moving his seat.


Rumors are going around that more than one version of Loki will feature in the upcoming  Disney+ series. And no, Tom Hiddleston will not be playing them all. Reportedly Richard E. Grant has been cast to play “classic Loki”, while kid Loki has been mentioned before, as well. But the real question is will Lady Loki show up too?

Lady Loki

Jamie Alexander, Lady Sif, shared on Instagram that she was headed to Atlanta for work. Loki is currently filming in Atlanta which makes it likely Lady Sif will make her MCU return. Finally! In our opinion, she has been gone way too long.

Wonder Woman 1984 to HBO Max

WW84 will debut on HBO Max the same day as it hits theaters. This is an interesting strategy for DC. Depending on the success it may point to what other studios will do in the future.

In case you were wondering, we still want to see Black Widow in IMAX.

Justice League The Snyder Cut

For YEARS DC fans have begged, campaigned, and cried for The Snyder Cut. That wish is coming true. The Snyder Cut is coming to HBO Max in 2021. HBO released the trailer and well, we have some thoughts.

Hallelujah was overdone in the trailer. And it was hard to see but is Henry’s lip fixed for real this time? There are a lot of other thoughts but you’ll have to listen to the show to hear them. Leave your comments below and let us know if you agree.

Henry Cavill snyder cut

But seriously, after the massive letdown of Justice League are you looking forward to this?

Scream 5 is Scream

Filming has wrapped on Scream 5 aka Scream. It is an interesting name choice (the original is named Scream) but at least the OG cast is back together. Now let’s see what dummy runs upstairs or loudly goes “who’s there?!” 

In my best Titus voice, “What white nonsense is this?”

We Can Be Heroes

This is a follow up to Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Nope, Taylor Lautner is not in it. And the story follows the daughter of the two original heroes.

TBH never watched the first one but are you excited about it?

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion  

Last week the trailer dropped, this week we saw the reunion. I’m just happy the OG Aunt Viv and Will made nice after all these years. She did not hold back either.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion is available on HBO Max.


The Animaniacs are back and as funny as ever. The cyclops bit had me in tears! Plus Pinky and The Brain trying to go viral?! We could relate.

Animaniacs is available to stream on Hulu.

animaniacs reboot

American Housewife

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means lots of fun holiday-themed episodes. One we are both excited about is American Housewife. Katy starts a vlog and goes viral for having a meltdown while trying to homeschool Anna-Kat and Franklin. I think we can all relate because distance learning SUCKS!!!

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American Housewife airs on ABC Wednesday, November 25, 2020, at 8:30 pm EST.

American Housewife Thanksgiving

Ep: 22 The Weekly Bugle Vol 3 | The Mandalorian, Black Widow, & more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 3

Hey friends! Welcome to this weeks The Weekly Bugle Vol 3. We have a lot to discuss including the nightmare inducing Mandalorian episode, Black Widow, 007, and more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 3

The Weekly Bugle Vol 3

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Two The Passenger.

The Mandalorian Season 2 The Passenger

I think we can all agree two things have united the Star Wars fandom–Baby Yoda and the fact that Chapter 10 is one we never need to watch again. Those Krykna Spiders were nightmare inducing. We blame Peyton and Dave for that one, too many space bugs!!

Speaking of Dave Filoni he cameoed in this episode reprising his role of Trapper Wolf alongside mega Star Wars fan and actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee of Kim’s Convenience.

related: The Mandalorian Season 3 The Passenger Easter Eggs and Cameos

One of our favorite easter eggs was actually the aliens in the beginning. They are from a planet in Hutt Territory. Like the Krayt Dragon pearl, nothing is for nothing in these episodes. With everything decided on deliberately does this mean we can expect a run-in with Jabba in the future?

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The New 007 Lashana Lynch

Haters gonna hate! Lashana Lynch is the new 007! After months of speculation, Lashana has confirmed she will be the new 007. We know she is going to do an amazing job.

Solo 2

#MakeSolo2Happen has been circulating around Twitter for awhile. Ron Howard recently gave an interview about the possibility of the film or a Disney+ series happening.

Howard said: “I think there is interest in those characters. I think there’s interest in [the] gangster world… somewhere down the line.”

He added: “One great thing is that there’s been a lot of affection shown for Solo kind of in its afterlife, and so of course that keeps boding well for them to eventually turn it around.”

Meanwhile the screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan tweeted:

“Beyond grateful & galvanized by the #MakeSolo2Happen energy on Twitter today,” he wrote back in 2019. “Means so much to everyone involved and ur enthusiasm makes it possible for us to keep advocating for it! ‘Cause, the Maker knows, there’s a WAR story set in a Galaxy Far Far Away that’s yet to be told…”

We both enjoyed Solo and hope to see more stories told about that part of the Star Wars lore.

Make Solo 2 Happen
Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’ (Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm Ltd)

Brandon Routh as Superman in Flash

Brandon Routh played Superman before Henry Cavill, and recently reprised the role in Crisis of Infinite Earths. He has stated it’s absolutely a possibility that his Superman could appear in the Flash film.

Is this going to be a Spider-Man 3 situation or do you think it’s time he hung up his cape?

Tom Holland Spider-Man 3 Set Photo

Tom Holland recently shared an image from the set of Spider-Man 3. He is seen wearing his Far From Home suit with a blue screen backdrop. But that isn’t what has us talking. It’s the arm/hand combo of the person seen behind him.

Who is that costumed friend? Talos? Fury? Ned? We have some thoughts.

Johnny Depp Exits Fantastic Beasts

Some were shocked others not so much, Johnny Depp has officially exited the Fantastic Beasts franchise after Warner Bros reportedly asked him to. Real talk for a minute–is Johnny more problematic than JK Rowling? And where do you stand on them making more of these films? Should they just cut their losses and run? We have some opinions.

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What Happen in Budapest? Black Widow has answers!

FINALLY. After what felt like forever, we are finally going to get an answer to what happened between Black Widow and Hawkeye in Budapest in the upcoming Black Widow film!

Scarlett confirmed the news saying it would be a jumping off point. This means Jeremy Renner will cameo in the movie and we get to see whose theories about Budapest are right.

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Ep: 20 The Weekly Bugle Vol 2 | The Mandalorian, Helstrom, & More

The Weekly Bugle Vol 2

Hey friends! Welcome to this weeks The Weekly Bugle Vol 2. We have a lot to discuss including the premiere of Baby Yoda Season 2… I mean The Mandalorian Season 2, Helstrom, Ant-Man 3, and more!

weekly bugle vol 2

The Weekly Bugle Vol 2

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Season 2 Episode One The Marshal or Helstrom.

The Mandalorian Season 2 The Marshal

There were a lot of Easter eggs hiding in this episode and it ends with a pretty big surprise–Boba Fett! Earlier in the episode we see Cobb Vanth wearing Boba Fett’s armor which had fans anticipating some information on the original Star Wars Mandalorian.

We didn’t have to wait long. At the very end of the episode, a man is seen watching from a sand dune. It is revealed to be Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Star Wars Attack of the Clones. He has also voiced Boba Fett in the past. Boba is a clone of Jango… Boba survived the Sarlacc Pit.

One of our second favorite Easter Eggs was actually a pearl, a Krayt Dragon pearl to be exact. Not only are the pearls highly valuable some can also contain Kyber Crystals, which as you know are needed to power lightsabers.

The Weekly Bugle Vol 2

For a complete list of The Marshal Easter eggs read: The Mandalorian Season Two Premiere Easter eggs

And as always, Baby Yoda is as cute as ever. Sorry Baby Groot, but we would use you for a toothpick if it meant saving Baby Yoda’s life.

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Helstrom, a Marvel TV show on Hulu, is about Daimon and Ana Helstrom, two half-demon half-human reluctant superheroes who are trying to save the world from their father and his kind. Their father isn’t your run-of-the-mill demon either, he just so happens to be Satan himself.

The show has quickly become a favorite of ours with its witty dialogue and great action scenes. It’s the kind of rare show that gets the point without sacrificing plot points or character development. It is dark and rated MA so definitely not one for the kids.

Speaking of dark, we’ve been called cold-blooded for our assessment of how a certain thing was treated in the show, but hey, it’s a demon, and you gotta do what you gotta do.

With Daimon’s comic book ties to Ghost Rider, Blade, The Winter Soldier, and more, we are hoping Ana and Daimon come to the MCU and bring their fiery personalities (pun intended) with them.

Helstrom TV Show Review

Ghost Rider

Speaking of Ghost Rider, talks have resumed in the fandom world about who should play him. Some say Nicolas Cage, others Gabriel Luna who played him in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and then there is Keanu Reeves.

Whether it is Ghost Rider or Deacon Frost, or someone else yet to be named, we hope to see Keanu join the MCU.

ghost rider agents of shield

Ant-Man 3

According to the official Marvel website, Scott Lang’s stint in the Quantum Realm is a story for another time. This could mean a flashback scene either at the beginning of Ant-Man 3, or as a post-credit in Black Widow, The Multiverse of Madness, or some other upcoming Marvel Phase 4 offering.

With Kang the Conqueror being the baddie for this one and time travel his thing, this could be how they show Kang has been lurking in the QR for a while now, just waiting to strike.

Scott Lang Quantum Realm

James Gunn

In other fandom news, James Gunn in a recent interview said that a Superman movie was on the table before he went with Suicide Squad. We don’t know about you but Henry deserves his own movie or the be released to come to the MCU.

He even shared that Kevin Feige knows who the villain is for Suicide Squad. We know that man can keep a secret!

Also, Amy Adams’ Lois Lane joins the Natalie Portman Jane Foster list for us.

read more: Friend, Marry, Kill Marvel Edition

The 90s Are Coming

It’s been a week of 90s news. From Animaniacs and Tiny Toons, to The Power Rangers and Saved By The Bell, a lot of our favorites are coming back to TV.

TBH we only care about Saved By The Bell because they have the original cast- smart move! We also can’t even say the word Animaniacs without singing the theme song.

Maybe the 90s will save us from 2020?

Saved by the bell Zack Attack


Or maybe the 90s can at least save us from this mess.

Songbird is a big fat N-O. No. Negative. Nope. Michael Bay needs to read the room, nay the universe. No one, I repeat NO ONE wants a flipping film about dealing with Covid. NO. ONE.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Geek Girls Universe Podcast. Join us next week as we share all the breaking and exciting fandom news. As always if you see anything you want to share with us tag us on Twitter @WhiskynSunshine and @ThatAshleyErin. Until next time geeks! 

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Ep. 16: Friend, Marry, Kill Star Wars Edition

Friend Marry Kill Star Wars Edition

Welcome back! Just in time for May the 4th be with you, we are back with friend, marry, kill, Star Wars edition! The Marvel episode was so much fun we had to do it again. Funny enough, one person makes both lists in the same spot! We will give you 3 guesses who that is and the first 2 don’t count.

Friend Marry Kill Star Wars Edition

Friend, Marry, Kill Star Wars Edition

The rules are simple. Friend means you are meh on the character or the storyline. Marry they are perfection and should be treasured forever. Kill they are the worst, the absolute worst. You got the idea, so let’s introduce our special guests.

Meghan Cooper is the creative force behind JaMonkey and DisneyWishful. She is a good friend of ours and fellow geek. From Disney to Star Wars, Harry Potter to Marvel, she loves her fandoms! You can find her on social @JaMonkey.

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Star Wars Friend

We all had our lists ready to go but Meghan can out the gate with some shockers! I was glad I was sitting down because I felt some disturbances in the Force.

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Shockers aside, we all felt that The Clone Wars (not including the latest season and Ahsoka, The Clone Troopers, and Maul) are okay. Sometimes the back and forth of the storyline and heavy focus on disliked characters from the prequels detract from the overall greatness.

Don’t hate us too much, we like them we just don’t love them enough to marry, unless we could tweak a bit.

Star Wars Resistance also made the list. Kaz is whiney like Iron Fist and you know how we feel about Danny Rand. And following the greatness that is Star Wars Rebels in the animated Star Wars world, it just felt like a so-so show.

About Meghan’s list though… I don’t want to spoil anything, but you might want to say a certain compound word that starts with m and ends with -er when you hear it.

Star Wars Marry

This category was just a lovefest. The original trilogy, Rogue One, Baby Yoda, Star Wars Rebels, what is not to love? Carrie Fisher is a Queen, and we will hurt anyone that comes for Baby Yoda.

Also, are we all agreed that even when we find out The Child’s name, we are still calling him Baby Yoda?

We would love to know where you stand on the Ahsoka rumors for The Mandalorian. The three of us are opinionated about this character and the casting, after all, this is Ahsoka freaking Tano, arguably the best character to come out the prequels.

Star Wars Kill

Ah, the meat of this game. And like I mentioned before, I bet you can guess who made it on the list.

Padme and Anakin. Shocker right? Where to start on this one? The poor acting, storylines, the weird romance between a teen and a third grader? However you want to look at it, it was a hot, hot mess.

Friend Marry Kill Star Wars Padme

To be fair, to the character of Anakin, I liked him a lot better in The Clone Wars when he was voiced by Matt Lanter. Padme is also slightly, better in The Clone Wars, but legit only in small doses.

Jar Jar… there is nothing to say here that you don’t already also think. No offense to the actor, it wasn’t his fault. The Gungan haunts us, specifically Jana (and me) whenever I happen to also be on Star Tours with her.

It wasn’t just hate on the prequels day though, you might be surprised who else got the axe from Meghan.

And even more opinions.

After cleansing the galaxy of our least favorite characters, casting options, and weak storylines, we discussed the future of Star Wars. From the upcoming Disney Plus shows to things we dream of seeing, the future of the universe is bright. At the end of that, day it includes more Baby Yoda so how bad can it be?

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