S2E32: The Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown “Cut and Run”

Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown

Star Wars and Disney not only dropped an exciting 70-minute premiere for The Bad Batch but they also released episode 2, “Cut and Run” this morning. Now that the Batch are fugitives of the Empire, they must find a way to survive. The problem is the Empire is cracking down on its people and they have a curious child in tow.

Before we get into this Bad Batch episode 2 breakdown, this is your spoiler warning. The Bad Batch is now streaming on Disney+.

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Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown

The Bad Batch Episode 2 Breakdown

The Clone Wars intro is gone. Now the boys are fugitives from the empire and are responsible for a young clone – Omega. Clone Force 99 has made it to J-19 but unfortunately so has the empire.

They meet up with an old friend, someone you may recognize if you watched The Clone Wars. Cut also drops a hint that Rex has come and gone recently. Since Rex appeared briefly in the trailer, it is safe to say we may see him really soon.

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With the increased presence of the empire, Cut and his family needs passage off the planet but the only way to do so is with chain codes. Unfortunately, he can’t get one since he is technically a deserter. That’s not an issue for the Bad Batch. Tech comes up with a great plan. But things never go as planned for our clones and they must fight their way out.

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S2E31: The Bad Batch Premiere Breakdown “Aftermath”

bad batch premiere breakdown

Happy May the 4th Be With You! As any Star Wars fan knows, this is an important day on our calendar. This year, Disney and Lucasfilm released The Bad Batch, the latest animated offering in the Star Wars canon.

Before we get into this Bad Batch premiere breakdown, this is your spoiler warning. The Bad Batch premiere is now streaming on Disney+.

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bad batch premiere breakdown

The Bad Batch Premiere Breakdown

Being a spiritual successor of The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch starts off in typical Clone Wars fashion. A narrator brings everyone up to speed on the latest happenings in the galaxy. Then it’s time for our Batch to do what they do best.

After they save the day the galaxy descends into chaos when Order 66 is enacted. All the clones around them proceed to react and eliminate the Jedi master in their midst. They also attempt to kill a young Padawan who Star Wars Rebels fans might just recognize.

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Hunter and most of the Batch are confused by this new order and what life in the empire will mean for them. Crosshair however is more on the order following side and disagrees with Hunter’s methods.

They meet a new clone named Omega who reveals Kamino is no longer safe for her or the Batch. After a daring escape, the crew sets course for a planet to visit an old friend. Unfortunately, one of their own has turned on them. The fact that he is now working steadfastly for the empire will make for some epic drama down the road.

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bad batch premiere breakdown

Ep. 16: Friend, Marry, Kill Star Wars Edition

Friend Marry Kill Star Wars Edition

Welcome back! Just in time for May the 4th be with you, we are back with friend, marry, kill, Star Wars edition! The Marvel episode was so much fun we had to do it again. Funny enough, one person makes both lists in the same spot! We will give you 3 guesses who that is and the first 2 don’t count.

Friend Marry Kill Star Wars Edition

Friend, Marry, Kill Star Wars Edition

The rules are simple. Friend means you are meh on the character or the storyline. Marry they are perfection and should be treasured forever. Kill they are the worst, the absolute worst. You got the idea, so let’s introduce our special guests.

Meghan Cooper is the creative force behind JaMonkey and DisneyWishful. She is a good friend of ours and fellow geek. From Disney to Star Wars, Harry Potter to Marvel, she loves her fandoms! You can find her on social @JaMonkey.

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Star Wars Friend

We all had our lists ready to go but Meghan can out the gate with some shockers! I was glad I was sitting down because I felt some disturbances in the Force.

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Shockers aside, we all felt that The Clone Wars (not including the latest season and Ahsoka, The Clone Troopers, and Maul) are okay. Sometimes the back and forth of the storyline and heavy focus on disliked characters from the prequels detract from the overall greatness.

Don’t hate us too much, we like them we just don’t love them enough to marry, unless we could tweak a bit.

Star Wars Resistance also made the list. Kaz is whiney like Iron Fist and you know how we feel about Danny Rand. And following the greatness that is Star Wars Rebels in the animated Star Wars world, it just felt like a so-so show.

About Meghan’s list though… I don’t want to spoil anything, but you might want to say a certain compound word that starts with m and ends with -er when you hear it.

Star Wars Marry

This category was just a lovefest. The original trilogy, Rogue One, Baby Yoda, Star Wars Rebels, what is not to love? Carrie Fisher is a Queen, and we will hurt anyone that comes for Baby Yoda.

Also, are we all agreed that even when we find out The Child’s name, we are still calling him Baby Yoda?

We would love to know where you stand on the Ahsoka rumors for The Mandalorian. The three of us are opinionated about this character and the casting, after all, this is Ahsoka freaking Tano, arguably the best character to come out the prequels.

Star Wars Kill

Ah, the meat of this game. And like I mentioned before, I bet you can guess who made it on the list.

Padme and Anakin. Shocker right? Where to start on this one? The poor acting, storylines, the weird romance between a teen and a third grader? However you want to look at it, it was a hot, hot mess.

Friend Marry Kill Star Wars Padme

To be fair, to the character of Anakin, I liked him a lot better in The Clone Wars when he was voiced by Matt Lanter. Padme is also slightly, better in The Clone Wars, but legit only in small doses.

Jar Jar… there is nothing to say here that you don’t already also think. No offense to the actor, it wasn’t his fault. The Gungan haunts us, specifically Jana (and me) whenever I happen to also be on Star Tours with her.

It wasn’t just hate on the prequels day though, you might be surprised who else got the axe from Meghan.

And even more opinions.

After cleansing the galaxy of our least favorite characters, casting options, and weak storylines, we discussed the future of Star Wars. From the upcoming Disney Plus shows to things we dream of seeing, the future of the universe is bright. At the end of that, day it includes more Baby Yoda so how bad can it be?

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