S2E31: The Bad Batch Premiere Breakdown “Aftermath”

Happy May the 4th Be With You! As any Star Wars fan knows, this is an important day on our calendar. This year, Disney and Lucasfilm released The Bad Batch, the latest animated offering in the Star Wars canon.

Before we get into this Bad Batch premiere breakdown, this is your spoiler warning. The Bad Batch premiere is now streaming on Disney+.

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bad batch premiere breakdown

The Bad Batch Premiere Breakdown

Being a spiritual successor of The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch starts off in typical Clone Wars fashion. A narrator brings everyone up to speed on the latest happenings in the galaxy. Then it’s time for our Batch to do what they do best.

After they save the day the galaxy descends into chaos when Order 66 is enacted. All the clones around them proceed to react and eliminate the Jedi master in their midst. They also attempt to kill a young Padawan who Star Wars Rebels fans might just recognize.

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Hunter and most of the Batch are confused by this new order and what life in the empire will mean for them. Crosshair however is more on the order following side and disagrees with Hunter’s methods.

They meet a new clone named Omega who reveals Kamino is no longer safe for her or the Batch. After a daring escape, the crew sets course for a planet to visit an old friend. Unfortunately, one of their own has turned on them. The fact that he is now working steadfastly for the empire will make for some epic drama down the road.

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bad batch premiere breakdown

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