S3E2: What If Episode 2 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

what if episode 2 breakdown marvel podcast

Welcome back Marvel fans! Last week we shared our breakdown and thoughts on episode 1 of What If. This week we can finally talk about the bittersweet episode 2, “What If… T’Challa Became Star-Lord? Ironically this is the funniest of the first 3 episodes but knowing it was Chadwick’s last role and what he wanted people to get from it… well we can’t help but tear up just thinking about it.

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So this is your spoiler warning if you haven’t seen episode 2 of What If…?

What If Episode 2 Breakdown

what if episode 2 breakdown marvel podcast

We begin on Morag at a familiar rundown temple that houses the Orb. However, that isn’t Peter Quill but T’Challa, Prince of Wakanda. And not only is he this universe’s Star-Lord but he is also well known and loved, just ask Korath who fanboys all over the place.

How did T’Challa end up being Star-Lord? Well, what if Yondu outsourced the pickup of Ego’s child to Taserface and Kraglin? The result would be that they would pick up T’Challa instead of Peter because all Terrans look the same. Don’t be too sad for him, T’Challa is making the most of his time in the galaxy. He has saved countless places from destruction and even reformed a MAD titan. In fact one of those exploits ties into the Skrulls.

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Nebula is also changed and mostly whole. We like it. We also like the little flirtations that are occurring between her and Cha Cha. Sure we are all for Storm and T’Challa like in the comics but there is something very fun and intriguing about this pairing. Aside from them practically making heart-eye emojis at each other these two work together. They come up with plans even the others have no idea about.

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Enter a job to rob the Collector. Yes, that guy, the eccentric, powerful brother of The Grandmaster. In the first Guardians of the Galaxy, his tower houses much interesting flora, fauna, and Marvel Easter eggs. This time is no exception. There are quite a few awesome ones to spot, including a certain horned God of Mischief. Oh yeah, and Howard the Duck serves as a tour guide. Love it.

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What did you think of episode 2 of What If? What was your favorite Easter egg? Are you also sad that we won’t get any more of this T’Challa?

Most importantly, who is the best Star-Lord and why is it T’Challa?

Marvel’s What If is now streaming on Disney+.