S2E13: The Weekly Bugle Vol 19 WandaVision Finale Breakdown and more!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 19 WandaVision Finale Breakdown

Welcome back to the Geek Girls’ Universe for The Weekly Bugle Vol 19. This week we are breaking down both figuratively (and maybe literally) as we discuss the WandaVision finale. Episode 9 was wow! Plus we are talking about the Thor 4 set photos, Spider-Man No Way Home, and more!

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This is your spoiler warning!

The Weekly Bugle Vol 19

The Weekly Bugle Vol 19

WandaVision Episode 9 made us run the gamut of emotions and ended with several teases about what could be coming in future phase 4 offerings. While a lot of theories weren’t proven, they weren’t necessarily disproven either. We are betting that after other MCU series and shows have been released we will be able to look back on WandaVision and see where the seeds were laid. And of course, we get to say we told you so.

WandaVision Finale Breakdown

The Weekly Bugle Vol 19 WandaVision Finale Breakdown

We knew we would have to say goodbye to Vision and the boys but we think it would’ve been easier if Marvel had indeed let Mephisto take them. That family scene was beautifully devastating. It made us cry, for proof of that watch our reaction video, but in the end, we felt like it ended just right.

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Now we know some fans felt a little let down by what did or rather what didn’t happen. However, viewed through the lens of the MCU as a whole it was perfect. Would we have liked some loose ends tied up? Sure. Were we rooting for a Reed Richard’s text or Loki showing up? 100%. But not getting those things didn’t detract from what WandaVision did give us- a new era of MCU greatness.

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Now the future looks bright and intense because the first credit scene tied into Secret Invasion with a side of Captain Marvel 2. We think the Skrull was referring to Nick Fury and we cannot wait to see SLJ again.

The second one not only implies Darkhold/Chthon ties but also proved that Tommy and Billy will be back in the future. Wanda in her new bad *ss Scarlet Witch outfit just needs to find them. And lord help whoever has taken them captive because that omega-level mutant mama is not playing games.

The Weekly Bugle Vol 19 WandaVision Finale Breakdown

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Thor 4 Set Photos

This past week we also got a glimpse into Thor Love and Thunder by some fan set pictures. Melissa McCarthy, Matt Damon, and Luke Hemsworth were on stage acting out another Asgardian play. McCarthy will be playing the role of Hela. This should be amazing. And what would be even better is if a certain god of mischief somehow came back to see the play for himself. Just saying.

Meeks was also spotted as well as Thor’s goats- Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. It will be interesting, to say the least to see these two in the MCU. There were also some pics of a certain character but we won’t share them here because see: Friend, Marry, Kill Marvel Edition.

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