S3E4: Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Breakdown

No Way Home Trailer Breakdown Podcast

Welcome back Marvel fans! The Spider-Man No Way Home trailer FINALLY, OFFICIALLY dropped, and like we chatted on the Shang-Chi Review, we had to talk about it because there was A LOT going on in this teaser. Not one, not two, but FIVE villain teases, Dr. Strange, and was that a Miles Morales reference?

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Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Breakdown

No Way Home Trailer Breakdown Podcast

This teaser revealed Doc Ock’s return (no surprise there) along with FOUR, yes four other Spider-Man villains like Sandman, Electro, and Green Goblin. Not only that but the fact that Dr. Strange seems so strange has fans talking. Including us. We have our theories and yes some involve the big M… MEPHISTO. Hear us out though, we have evidence to back it up.

There is also another M hinted at here, and that would be Miles Morales. We don’t know about you but seeing Miles in the MCU would have us way more excited than Andrew or Tobey. Just saying.

Okay, so what exactly went down in the No Way Home trailer? Well, basically it picks up right after the events of Far From Home. EVERYONE knows who Peter is and he is feeling the pressure. He is arrested by the same department that is meant to clean up superhero messes, the DODC. Interesting. Also interesting is that he manages to not stay locked up. Could that mean he has an awesome lawyer who is also a superhero named Matt Murdoch? We hope so.

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Instead of going the Talos-poses-as-Peter/Spidey-to-clear-his-name, Peter takes the more complicated route of having a VERY suspicious Dr. Strange cast a dangerous spell. A spell that Wong warned him not to cast. He did it anyway, chaos ensues–BAM Multiverse.

Sinister Six

Let’s talk villains. This trailer features 5 of them, we only need one more to make the Sinister Six, and hey, Vulture is still out there, and is Mysterio dead? Maybe. We know that when it comes to comics no one stays dead dead.

In this trailer, we see or hear hints of: Sandman, Electro, Lizard, Green Goblin, with the big reveal of Doc Ock at the end. “Hello, Peter.” But which Peter is he talking to? He wouldn’t know our Tom Holland Peter…but Tobey’s Spidey he would…just putting it out there.

No Way Home Trailer Breakdown Podcast

What did you think about the trailer? Let us know your Dr. Strange theories as well in the comments? Team Mephisto? Team Multiverse? Or team sweatpants?