S2E24: Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Breakdown

Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Breakdown

Last week, we broke down episode 4 of Falcon and Winter Soldier, and episode 5, “Truth,” is now streaming on Disney+. This is an episode of WOW. Walker gets what’s coming to him, we continue to stan Sam and Bucky, and let’s talk about that cameo.

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This is your spoiler warning if you haven’t watched Episode 5 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Breakdown

The show begins with Walker fleeing the scene after he’s slain one of the Flag Smashers and leads to an altercation with Sam, and Bucky. Walker tries to convince Sam and Bucky that he murdered that Flag Smasher because he killed Lemar. Bruh, we all saw what happened, but keep telling yourself that. Sam tells Walker he needs to turn over the shield. I think we all know what’s coming next.

Unfortunately, Bucky and Sam don’t walk away completely unscathed. Bucky suffers some damage to his vibranium arm and Sam’s wings get completely ripped off. Sam takes the shield after Bucky drops it and walks away, much like Steve did in Captain America: Civil War.

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We learn that Karli has friends in high places. Just how high? We have some thoughts especially when a leader of LAF sends Batroc with some goodies to help her out in the end. All of this seems to point to the fact that Sharon is not the Power Broker. But her dealings with Batroc? We have some thoughts.

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Back in D.C., we get one of the most rewarding scenes of the show yet: Walker is stripped of his Captain America title, his rankings, receives an other-than-honorable discharge, is stripped of his benefits, and essentially only misses getting a court-martial because of his previous service.

Then it’s time for the cameo. Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) comes in with the same knowing swagger as Agatha Harkness. She knows Walker took the serum, she knows that his taking it makes him very valuable to certain people, and she knows he doesn’t have the shield, which doesn’t matter because the government doesn’t own it anyway (legal gray area and all).

So why is Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine important? She has been around in the comic world for a long time. Contessa has also played for both the good guys and the bad guys. We get into her potential, how she relates to current characters, and where we might see her again. Hint: it’s likely soon.

Bucky catches up to Zemo, or rather Zemo was waiting for Bucky in Sokovia. After an exchange that includes Zemo sharing he crossed his own name off of Bucky’s list the Wakandans show up to take him to The Raft. You remember the Raft from Civil War. You should also remember it’s definitely not escape proof.

Despite Ayo’s warning to be scare in Wakanda she does a favor for Bucky that we see him deliver to Sam later on.

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Sam heads to MD to visit Isaiah Bradley hoping to understand more about the shield’s complicated legacy. Isaiah recounts memories of his past in more detail than during the last visit. To say it’s a complicated legacy is an understatement.

After some quality bonding time fixing up the family boat, Sam and Bucky go their separate ways. One to give some much needed closure to a friend and the other to train to wield the shield. That Rocky training montage was awesome.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Post Credit Scene

After Sam teases us with the new suit, thanks for not showing us Sam, we get our first post credit scene. In it Walker is up to something and fans have missed reactions.

What did you think of the post credit scene?

Don’t forget about the end credit scene with this episode!