S2E37: Loki Episode 4 Breakdown & Easter Eggs


Loki Episode 3 was incredible, but it seems like Marvel pulled out all the stops with this episode. Our minds are officially blown. Once again, this is another episode of “I told you so,” with several confirmations of theories we had early on. However, we’re still, “WOW,” to use one of Owen Wilson’s favorite phrases. Are you ready for this Loki episode 4 breakdown?

This is your spoiler warning. We aren’t kidding.

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Mobius (Owen Wilson) in Marvel Studios’ LOKI, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Loki Episode 4 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Episode 4 of Loki begins with Sylvie as a child on Asgard, playing in the Throne Room, when the TVA shows up to arrest her for crimes against the sacred timeline.

Renslayer is the Hunter who brings her in. Sylvie escapes the TVA during her hearing by stealing Renslayer’s TemPad and disappearing to some other place on the timeline.

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Renslayer reveals to Mobius that the hostage C-20 is dead and theTime-Keepers are upset at how close Sylvie got to them; she orders Mobius to find the variants ASAP.

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Back on Lamentis-1, the world is ending. Sylvie tells Loki, “The universe wants to break free, so it manifests chaos. Like me being born the Goddess of Mischief.”

She tells him how the TVA took her as a child prisoner but she escaped. Everywhere she went, she created a Nexus Event that signaled the TVA.

Loki and Sylvie are comforting each other in the last moments before Lamentis is completely destroyed, and it creates a timeline branch so strong it not only shows up on the TVA monitor, but it practically shoots straight up. Mobius arrives on Lamentis and takes the duo into custody.

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(L): Mobius (Owen Wilson) and (center): Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in Marvel Studios’ LOKI, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Just as Mobius is about to send Loki through a Time Cell, Loki tells him the TVA is lying. 

The Time Cell sends Loki to Asgard, where he sees Lady Sif, and he’s stuck in a time loop at a moment where he has apparently cut part of Sif’s hair in a prank. Because it’s a time loop, when Loki tries to reason with Sif and get her to help him, she just kicks his butt…repeatedly. 

This moment is based on a story in Norse Mythology, not based on a scene we have seen in the MCU. Lady Sif, the wife of Thor, has her hair cut off by Loki. Thor threatens him until he can fix it. However, in the MCU, Sif needs no help from Thor.

Mobius retrieves Loki out of the Time Cell to determine the cause of the Nexus Event on Lamentis. Loki denies everything before deciding to tell him an elaborate made-up story. Mobius casually mentions Sylvie is dead to see Loki’s reaction; he seems taken aback before he dons his uncaring Loki mask he wears so well.

That brief look was all it took for Mobius to figure out it was two variants falling for one another that caused the spike in the timeline. Sylvie and Loki have feelings for each other and that kind of thing can cause pure chaos that breaks reality.

Loki tries again to implore Mobius that the Time-Keepers kidnapped all the TVA peeps from the timeline, the entire TVA is comprised of Variants, and their memories have been erased–memories which Sylvie can access through enchantment. 

In Renslayer’s office, she signs off on Mobius’ paperwork and he asks why she wouldn’t let him interrogate Sylvie. She claims to be protecting him. She then asks him if he could go anywhere and anytime where would it be? He never answers. He continues to ask about Hunter C-20 and you can tell he doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth.


Hunter B-15 took Sylvie back to Roxxcart to find out more about the memories she has after being enchanted. She’s ready to take down the TVA, too.

Mobius swapped TemPads with Renslayer when she wasn’t looking at knows C-20 remembers her whole life previous to the TVA–and Renslayer does, too.

Mobius tells Loki that he knows he was telling the truth about the TVA, and he wants to help Loki and Sylvie bring it down.

WOW moment 1: Renslayer stops Mobius in the hallway and PRUNES MOBIUS. She takes the variants up the elevator to stand before the Time-Keepers.

Hunter B-15 releases both variants from their collars.

Mother forking shirtballs.

A cosmic fight ensues. Sylvie vs Renslayer, Loki vs the Hunters. Sylvie throws her sword, lobs off the head of a Time-Keeper to find it’s a robot. So very Wizard of Oz-like.

Loki attempts to tells Sylvie about his feelings for her…it’s Loki, this is new territory.

WOW moment 2: Renslayer PRUNES LOKI from behind while he’s professing his love to Sylvie.

Sylvie isn’t playing and wants to know ALL ABOUT THE TVA from Renslayer.

Bruh, That Loki Post Credit Scene in Loki Episode 4

Welcome to Hel? Loki awakens to see four Loki variants staring down at him. Avengers Tower is in the background. It’s reminiscent of Battleworld created by the Beyonder in the comics.

Is this where all the pruned variants go?

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S2E36: Loki Episode 3 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Loki episode 3 breakdown

Loki Episode 2 was amazing and all but Marvel keeps blowing our minds with this series. The Loki variants spend some quality time on Lamentis and we learn exactly what Sylvie is up to. She also confirms one of our theories and that always feels great. Are you ready for this Loki episode 3 breakdown?

This is your spoiler warning.

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Loki Episode 3 podcast breakdown

Loki Episode 3 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Episode 3 of Loki starts off with Sylvie using her enchantment powers to get C-20 to reveal the location of the Time Keepers. Sylvie opened a door to the TVA using the stolen TemPad and attempts to locate the Time Keepers.

Renslayer finds both Sylvie (Lady Loki) and Loki by the golden elevators and before she can do anything, Loki opens another door and he and Sylvie escape. Sorta. They end up on Lamentis-1, which is about to be destroyed. Either they can work together to survive or they will both die.

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It wouldn’t be Loki vs Loki if they didn’t try to trick each other. They get into some mischief with a widow before using their powers to get on board a train to safety. After a heart to heart which revealed Loki’s sexual orientation, Sylvie rests, and Loki drinks. A lot.

We didn’t know we needed to hear Tom Hiddleston singing a song in this episode but it was exactly what we needed. This is the kind of content that can heal the world.

Loki episode 3 podcast breakdown

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Unfortunately, his performance draws too many eyes. A fight breaks out and despite their impressive fighting skills, they lose. Loki and Sylvie make their way to the Ark, a ship that will take them off-planet to safety. Unfortunately, it is destroyed.

They are now stuck on Lamentis. We have some theories on how they will make it off. What are yours?

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S2E35: Loki Episode 2 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

loki episode 2 breakdown podcast

Loki Episode 1 was amazing but we told you episode 2 was going to be even better. And now you know we weren’t kidding. From Pompeii and Ragnarok to a variant reveal, there was a lot going on. Are you ready for this Loki episode 2 breakdown?

This is your spoiler warning.

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loki episode 2 breakdown podcast

Loki Episode 2 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

The episode starts with the TVA tracking the bad Loki to 1985. Hunter C-20 and her team are killed quickly. Bad Loki takes C-20 hostage, which is a new move for the variant.

It is clear the TVA has no idea which Loki they are after. Hoping that Loki will be able to help, Mobius takes him to the scene. Loki stalls for time however allowing the variant to escape. Renslayer is doubtful Loki will prove useful but Mobius once again gets her to relent. We think she is still suspicious, don’t you?

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After botching the earlier plan, Loki gets a job. He studies the files the TVA has on the variant, looking for anything they missed. Naturally, he decides he wants to know more about the TVA, and time itself. Classified. He does, however, get to read up on himself.

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This leads him to a theory that the bad Loki is hiding in apocalypses. To test this Mobius and Loki head to Pompeii moments before Mount Vesuvius erupts. Even though Loki causes chaos his theory is proven correct.

loki episode 2 breakdown podcast

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With this new info, Loki and the TVA track down the variant hiding in a Roxxcart store in 2050. But when Loki corners the variant he learns just exactly who he is dealing with. Lady Loki. She opens a doorway and Loki follows.

We have theories on where they are headed. What about you? And if you are unsure who Lady Loki is don’t worry we have that info for you too.

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S2E34: Loki Episode 1 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Loki episode 1 breakdown podcast

The moment we have all been waiting for, Loki is finally here and he has a GLORIOUS purpose. Episode 1 included the TVA, Mobius, and the reason Loki isn’t reset for his crimes. Oh and just a revelation that a few someones may have died for nothing. Are you ready for this Loki episode 1 breakdown?

This is your spoiler warning if you have not watched Episode 1 of Loki “Glorious Purpose.”

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Loki episode 1 breakdown podcast

Loki Episode 1 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

The episode started off right where we left Loki, escaping the Avengers in 2012 using the Tesseract. He leaves NYC and lands in the Gobi Desert, Unfortunately, the people living there don’t seem to care who he is but the TVA does.

Hunter B 15 and her Minute Men appear and arrest Loki for crimes against the sacred timeline. They use an interesting weapon against him, the Time Twister, which has some comic book origins. At the TVA Loki watches an instructional video featuring Miss Minutes that catches us all up on who the TVA is and what they do.

Long story short the Time Keepers created the TVA to guard the timeline after they saved it from a multiverse war. Throw in a few comic book Easter eggs and even a Disney Parks one and it was a very interesting video.

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The Avengers botched Time Heist and their time traveling, which Loki figured out by the way, is dismissed by Judge Renslayer as something that was suppose to happen. Easy way out on that one Marvel but we aren’t mad about it. Time Travel is hard. For comic fans if Renslayer’s name sounds familiar it’s because Ravonna Renslayer just happened to be Kang The Conqueror’s lady love. Kang is the villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. Is Renslayer sus? We have some thoughts.

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In order to show Loki the TVA is real, he sees events in his life that haven’t happened yet. We are forced to live through his saddest moments (rude) and cry as he cries. Loki escapes, naturally, and discovers a drawer full of… wait for it… INFINITY STONES. Excuse me TVA. We have some questions. Why didn’t you help the Avengers? Black Widow and Gamora died for nothing? And Vision? Wanda is going to want to have a chat with you.

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It ends with confirmation that our original theory about the Variant was true. They need Loki’s help because the dangerous Variant IS Loki. We can’t share about Episode 2 yet but trust us, it just gets even wilder from here.

loki episode 1 podcast

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