S3E25: Interview with Walker Scobell and Momona Tamada for Secret Headquarters

 Jerry Bruckheimer’s latest film Secret Headquarters premieres on Paramount+ August 12. We had the chance to interview Walker Scobell and Momona Tamada to learn more about the movie.

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Interview with Walker Scobell and Momona Tamada

Interview with Walker Scobell and Momona Tamada For Secret Headquarters

Secret Headquarters follows Charlie Kincaid (Walker Scobell), a 14-year-old boy sent to spend his birthday with his father Jack (Owen Wilson). Jack and Charlie’s relationship is strained due to Jack constantly bailing on both Charlie and his mother. Charlie assumes his dad just doesn’t want anything to do with his family. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jack is actually the superhero the Guard, a hero chosen by an alien artifact to become the protector of Earth. When his dad leaves, Charlie invites his friends over, and together they discover his dad’s secret identity. Soon trouble comes calling when Argon (Michael Peña) shows up looking for the source of Jack’s powers. It’s up to Charlie and his friends to stop this villain in his tracks. 

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Walker and Momona are set to be household names soon. Walker will be starring as Percy Jackson in the upcoming Disney+ series. Momona is starring as Ty Lee in the live-action Avatar the Last Airbender series coming to Nickelodeon.

Secret Headquarters Movie Interview

Naturally, we had to talk superhero gadgets, stunt scenes, and working with two Marvel superstars. Walker is adding to his Infinity Gauntlet of costars that is for sure!

To hear the whole interview take a listen below.

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