S2E33: Interview with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson for Cruella

Interview with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson

We had the chance to interview Emma Stone and Emma Thompson for their new film Cruella. Not only that but we also heard from the filmmakers about what it took to bring this most villainous villain to life. No spoilers here but we have seen the film, and we absolutely loved it.

Interview with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson

Interview with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson for Cruella

We were delighted that Disney went dark with Cruella. How could you not? The woman eventually wants a spotted puppy coat.

Emma Stone:  They really let Craig and Tony write and make what they wanted to make. I think it’s definitely dark for a Disney movie. It was darker than I’ve seen a Disney movie for a good long time.

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Craig has worked on villain stories in the past like I, Tonya, What is it about the villains and what attracted you to Cruella’s story?

Craig: (Laughs) I mean, villains are always so fun to portray, because you just have more license to do things that aren’t quite appropriate or push the boundaries, and create these larger-than-life characters. It was really important to me that this was not black and white. Obviously, no pun intended there with Cruella. But I wanted there to be this gray area and be able to empathize with the choices that she was making. And I wanted to do it in a way that was really fun.  

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interview with cruella filmmakers

If you had to pick between Estella and Cruella who would it be? They are both so different.

Emma Stone: I think Estella is sweet, but she’s not fully embodied. So I would say there is something about Cruella that’s pretty enticing because she just kind of is who she is. She’s in full acceptance and autonomy there. So I am kind of interested in that Cruella world. That said she does some things, crosses some lines that I don’t think I would necessarily cross. But to be honest, I sort of prefer Cruella.

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The set pieces in this film are phenomenal. What was the biggest challenge when creating Cruella’s world?

Fiona: I think the biggest challenge was actually the number sets. The film has great pace and we move around a lot. There are lots of little moments that require different sets. And so we were very busy. There were 120-odd sets to do across the course of the shoot. Some of them are enormous and some of them are tiny. I think one of the things that I’m most pleased about with the film is the level of detail in every single one of those sets. 

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Cruella is in theaters and on Disney+ Premiere Access May 28, 2021. Tickets are on sale now.