S2E40: Black Widow Review & Easter Eggs

Black Widow is now in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access. It’s been a long wait for not only Black Widow but an MCU film. We had a few things we didn’t love about it but overall it is another solid Marvel film that continues to push forward Phase 4 despite being set in the past.

This is your spoiler warning if you haven’t seen Black Widow.

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Black Widow Review & Easter Eggs

black widow movie review

Despite the one reveal we weren’t totally excited about, Black Widow is the movie fans have been waiting for since Natasha was introduced in Iron Man 2. It is a spy-thriller with plenty of action and that classic Marvel humor. It also featured many callbacks to previous MCU films and Marvel comics. Which obviously made us super happy.

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We know you want to know, what didn’t we love? Aren’t you two Marvel fangirls ’til the end of the line? Yes, we are but that doesn’t me we love every choice they made. *cough* Natalie Portman *cough*

Let’s rip the bandaid off. Taskmaster. This version of Taskmaster wasn’t what we were looking for. In fact, she could’ve been left out of the movie and things still would have made sense. However, after reading an interview with the writer for Black Widow, we understand why the choice was made.

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Moving fast that, there was plenty to love about the film, especially getting more Natasha. That’s always a win. Black Widow introduces us to her complicated past and family. The bonus of course is Yelena, who will be the new Black Widow going forward in Phase 4. Love her even if she isn’t one for poses.

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David Harbour’s Alexei was also a scene-stealer and hopefully will show up in the future. Kevin Feige seems on board to see him return so fingers crossed.

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What was your favorite Black Widow moment? Easter egg? Let us know!

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