S2E38: Loki Episode 5 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Loki Episode 4 left us on a cliffhanger. Where and when did Loki get pruned to? We get those answers and more. Tom wasn’t kidding when he said 4 and 5 were game-changers. With how this one ended, we cannot wait to see what happens in episode 6. Are you ready for this Loki episode 5 breakdown?

This is your spoiler warning.

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Loki Episode 5 Breakdown and Easter eggs Podcast

Loki Episode 5 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

“Journey Into Mystery” is titled after the comic series of the same name. In fact, it is where Loki made his more modern comic debut. Loki awakes finding himself trapped in the Void, the cosmic dumping ground for the TVA. He also learns quickly that the other Lokis’ plan is simply to survive, nothing more, nothing less. Specifically, he needs to survive being annihilated by Alioth.

Comic fans were excited to see Alioth in this form, as sort of a guard dog to whoever and whatever lies beyond the void. While Loki works on not dying, Sylvie interrogates Renslayer about what happened to Loki and what is going on at the TVA. She ends up pruning herself to get to Loki and figure out who is pulling the strings of the TVA.

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In the Void, there are a ton of Easter eggs to spot, including the infamous Thanos-Copter. The Lokis have a bunker where they hide from Alioth and the rest of Void, including the marauding President Loki and his army.

Sylvie wakes up and is almost eaten, but she is saved by Lightning McQueen. Okay, fine, it was Mobius who pulls up in a variant Pizza Planet truck. We won’t accept any other theories on why Mobius was driving a pizza car.

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The Lokis and Mobius make a plan to enchant Alioth and discover what he is hiding. Mobius went back to the TVA while Classic Loki takes an impressive stand. The episode ends with a portal to the Quantum Realm? What’s going to happen next week? We can’t wait to find out. But also why does it have to be the last episode?

loki episode 5 breakdown

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