S2E15: Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 Breakdown

As promised our Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 1 breakdown is here! The highly anticipated Marvel show is now streaming on Disney+ and if you haven’t watched it yet do that and then come back and hang out with us.

For anyone who complained WandaVision didn’t start off fast enough or Marvel enough, they won’t be saying that now. Falcon and The Winter Soldier drops you right into the middle of the action and feels very much like an MCU film.

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This is your spoiler warning if you haven’t watched Episode 1 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

falcon and winter soldier episode 1 breakdown

Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 Breakdown

The show begins on a somber note as Sam is packing up the shield Steve gave him at the end of Avengers: Endgame. But almost immediately the scene shifts and fans are treated to an epic aerial battle. Falcon manages to rescue an operative who was kidnapped by none other than Batroc. Remember him?

Batroc gets away and before Sam heads home he learns about the Flag-Smashers, a group of individuals who think like was better during the blip. They want a unified world with no borders, and essentially no governments.

Sam turns over Steve’s shield to the Smithsonian to be used in the ever-expanding Captain America exhibit.

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Falcon on your left

Bucky continues to have nightmares about the bad things that happened during his Winter Soldier days. He is in therapy which is good for him as someone with PTSD to the millionth degree. It is also a mandated part of his pardon.

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The show mixes in classic Marvel humor with a lot of action and heart. There are more scenes about the real-world implications of the Blip, which started in WandaVision. Specifically how hard it is now that everything and everyone is back to “normal.”

The last 3 minutes or so had us fuming! If you know us well, you know exactly what I mean too.

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We also shared our thoughts on what could happen next week as well as who we think Flag-Smasher could be behind the mask. What are your thoughts on the show? And most importantly how mad were you at the last 3 mins? Chat with us on Twitter and let us know!

Falcon and Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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