S4E17: House of Ninjas Director Dave Boyle Interview

House of Ninjas Director Dave Boyle Interview! Today we are talking with Dave Boyle the director and co-writer of the new Netflix series House of Ninjas. This exciting, action-packed show is now streaming on Netflix.

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House of Ninjas Director Dave Boyle Interview

House of Ninjas Director Dave Boyle Interview

Dave was brought in to direct and write the show bible for House of Ninjas, a project that star Kento Kaku had put together. When Dave was approached with the project, as soon as they mentioned ninjas he was in. And we agreed, how can you say no to a ninja show?

What it was like working with Kento to bring the show to life: “I just got a call out of the blue, I guess, three years ago from my friend who’d worked at Netflix. He just asked me “Hey, you, like ninjas?” And I was like, Yeah. I mean, who doesn’t like ninjas? And he told me that Kento had brought this project to them, this concept, and they were looking for a take on it…I pitched some ideas for it [and] they decided to have me write the show bible. I did that. And then the next thing I knew, they were moving ahead with it. Now, me directing was still sort of an open question…But then it was Kento, who sort of really pushed for [it]…So yeah, I love the guy.”

The season ends with a big reveal. So you know we had to see if we could learn anything about the possibility of a second season. Spoiler alert- if you want it to happen BINGE BINGE BINGE. And then tell your friends to do the same!

Listen to the complete interview below!

About House of Ninjas

Ninjas existed throughout many pivotal times in Japanese history — but what if they were still secretly undertaking missions in modern society? Set in today’s Japan, this series tells the story of the Tawara family, the last ninja clan who abandoned their roots after a mission gone wrong. Now, an unprecedented crisis beckons the family back into action.

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