S4E13: Director Raymond Persi Interview

Director Raymond Persi Interview! We recently had the chance to sit down with director, animator, and all-around great person Raymond Persi to learn more about his latest– Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marci. It along with other great Peanuts content is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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Director Raymond Persi Interview

Director Raymond Persi Interview

What was it about Marci that made you sign on? Did you relate to her or do you just really love the character?

Raymond: I got really excited when I saw this script. First of all, because she’s such an interesting character. I think it’s easy to think she’s just sort of this quiet little kid that doesn’t say much. But if you look at the strips, she may not say much, but sometimes when she does, it can be kind of biting. So she’s got a little bit of snark to her, which I thought was fun. The other thing I thought was exciting was to write a story and make your main character someone who doesn’t want to be the main character.

You worked with an introvert expert for this special. How did that process work?

Raymond: [Our specialist] pointed out first of all that there’s many different kinds of introverts. Certain traits that we maybe attribute to introverts is not really part of being an introvert, like being afraid of crowds and things like that. He made us also think about the positives of being an introvert. When you’re someone who’s an introvert, it means that you want to take time to think before you act. So you might have a better solution than someone that just wants to jump in. It helped us kind of start to shape the script a little bit more to show how those aspects of Marci are really good things too.

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If Raymond sounds familiar it’s because he is also the voice of everyone’s favorite Sloth. That’s right he is Flash from Zootopia! Naturally, we talked about that DMV scene for a second because after all it lives rent-free in all of our minds.

Listen to the complete interview below!

About One-of-a-Kind Marci

In “Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie,” fans can see how Marcie, makes a monumental difference from behind the scenes both for her friends and her community. Marcie has many brilliant ideas to help those around her, but she would rather help without any spotlight. When she’s unexpectedly elected class president, sharing those ideas becomes a challenge.

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