S3E9: What If Episodes 6 and 7 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Welcome back Marvel fans! Life got in the way but we are back and breaking down Episodes 6 and 7 of Marvel’s What If…? Episode 6 we discover “What If… Killmonger rescued Tony Stark?” Short answer: bad things. Then in Episode 7 “What If…Thor were an only child?” apparently he turns into a MAJOR frat boy. Who knew Loki kept him that much in check?

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So this is your spoiler warning if you haven’t seen episodes 6 & 7 of What If…?

What If Episodes 6 & 7 Breakdown

what if episodes 6 and 7 breakdown

What If Episode 6

Our least favorite Avenger Tony Stark is almost taken out by a missile of his own making. However before he can be stranded in the desert, Killmonger appears out of nowhere and saves him. In this universe, Killmonger is still out for revenge on those that have crossed him. And he just found a way to make his evil dreams come true.

Quickly, much to the chagrin of Happy and Pepper, Tony promotes Killmonger and begins work on project Liberator. Thing Iron Legion but more hardcore. They needed vibranium though so sneaky, slimy Klaue comes to play. Killmonger set everyone up though and the results are catastrophic. Well, except for him.

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After delivering Klaue’s body, he was welcomed back to Wakanda. With T’Challa dead, King T’Chaka is happy to have his nephew back. But make no mistake Killmonger has plans and that includes becoming Black Panther. Which he does. “Wakanda Forever” is cringe worthy coming out of his mouth. Anyways, only two people have suspicions about him and that would be Shuri and Pepper who are teaming up to stop him, maybe in Season 2.

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What If Episode 7

Episode 7 featured the biggest party in the realms and everyone who is anyone showed up to hang out with Thor god of parties. So many amazing cameos in this one from Surtur to Howard the Duck. The Grandmaster was DJing the whole thing and Thor kept the magical brew going.

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Even the Frost Bros with Prince Loki of Jotunheim showed up to hang out. But you can’t trash earth like a frat house and not expect consequences. Captain Marvel came to shut it down and we got some epic fight sequences.

But, it was THE ENDING that had our jaws dropped. We want the upcoming battle with Ultron Vision (Vision Ultron) to be the final episode of the season. What about you?

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