S3E33: Interview with Katharine O’Donnelly and Moe Dunford

The Head returns December 22 and promises to up the intensity and the suspense. We recently sat down for an interview with Katharine O’Donnelly and Moe Dunford.

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Interview with Katharine O’Donnelly and Moe Dunford

Interview with Katharine O’Donnelly and Moe Dunford

Suspense, drama, and a whodunit rolled into one, The Head has become one of Jana’s must-watch shows. We had a lot of fun talking with Katharine and Moe about the upcoming season. Including what it was like for Moe joining the show. Plus how Katherine is handling the new-ish role her character Maggie finds herself in. No spoilers of course!

Although the location has changed, both promised that this season ups the ante for the intensity and mystery. The ship is almost like another character according to Katherine. After watching the first episode, we can share that you are definitely in for a ride.

The series will premiere on HBO Max and HBO Spain Thursday, December 22nd.

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About “The Head” Season 2

In the middle of the ocean, there is nowhere to run.

Back in the director’s chair is Jorge Dorado. The series is created by Ran Tellem, the director of International Content Development at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

Returning cast include John Lynch and Katharine O’Donnelly. Season 2 will feature several newcomers, once again boasting an epic international cast. This includes Hovik Keuchkerian, Moe Dunford, Josefin Nelden, Olivia Morris, Enrique Arce, Sota Fukushi, Nora Ríos, Tania Watson, and Thierry Godard.

The principal setting for this second season of THE HEAD is set in an isolated and inaccessible location, this time a huge freighter carrying a scientific mission as it sails the ocean, and where the confrontation between good and evil that already marked the storyline of the first installment of the series will be resuscitated.

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