S3E31: Interview with Anna Faris

Ashley recently got a chance to sit down for an interview with Anna Faris, yes the hilarious and amazing Anna Faris. We talked about her new family friendly podcast The Peepkins which is available on all platforms right now. Plus life because life.

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Interview with Anna Faris

Interview with Anna Faris

The Peepkins is a new family friendly podcast starring the incomparable Anna Faris. Ashley talked about how Hatch is such a relatable character. While Anna shared what it means to her to have this podcast, how her son Jack feels about it, and more.

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About The Peepkins

Anna Faris, Maulik Pancholy, and Diedrich Bader star in this fully scripted kids story podcast. With original songs this show is perfect for screen-free listening for the whole family — just in time for the holidays.

In the quaint, midwestern-esque town of Coopmore Ridge live an offbeat and somewhat insecure subspecies of the rural yellowfowl, Gallus Gallus-McDigitus Domesticus, otherwise known as Peepkins!

Join eccentric, antenna wearing Commander Hatch (ANNA FARIS) along with her fearful but determined best friend Noah (MAULIK PANCHOLY) as they go on adventures and lift the town’s spirits all while trying to melt the icy heart of the menacing villain Baron Von Torius (DIEDRICH BADER). While they may be small, their emotions are big and ideas must be heard.

The Peepkins is available on all podcast platforms nows.

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