S3E30: Interview With Uncle Travelling Matt, Dave Goelz

The Fraggles are back in an all-new holiday special debuting on on Apple TV+ November 18! We had the chance to sit down for an interview with Uncle Travelling Matt to learn more about The Night of the Lights. It went about as fraggily as you would expect.

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Interview With Uncle Travelling Matt

Interview With Uncle Travelling Matt

When someone asks you if you want to talk with Uncle Travelling Matt, the answer is yes. We are no strangers to interviewing Fraggles but that didn’t prepare us for this. Uncle Matt (aka the legendary Dave Goelz) had questions for us. Questions we weren’t quite sure how to answer. I mean how would YOU explain Thursday. See what we mean?

But, that didn’t take away from all the fun we had speaking with him. We shared our views on holidays, fruit cake (root cake for Fraggles), and more. At the end of the day, the holidays are not about Thursday, but spending time with your loved ones.

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About Fraggle Rock: The Night Of The Lights

It’s the Night of the Lights, the most Fraggily holiday of the year. The Rock is filled with songs and cheer. When Jamdolin (voiced by Daveed Diggs) encourages Wembley to make a special wish, the Fraggles head out on an adventure to find the brightest light. And along the way, they, might find the true meaning of the holiday. 

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