S3E3: What If Episode 3 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Welcome back Marvel fans! Last week we shared our breakdown and thoughts on episode 2 of What If. This week we can finally talk about our favorite episode of all the ones we have seen, “What If… The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?” In this take on Fury’s Big Week, things go a lot differently for the would-be Avengers, and it is not a pretty sight.

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So this is your spoiler warning if you haven’t seen episode 3 of What If…?

What If Episode 3 Breakdown

What If Episode 3 Breakdown Podcast

There was an idea…yeah yeah we know. Fury and Black Widow are on their way to help Tony Stark survive his palladium poisoning. They find him in the donut hole just like in Iron Man 2. Only this time instead of successfully giving him the antidote and recruiting him to the Avengers… he dies.

He is just the first of many Avengers Initiative recruits to meet their maker this week. Somehow, someone managed to kill Thor and frame Hawkeye and kill Hulk in the most gruesome way possible without being too gruesome for a Disney+ animated series.

But hey, we got Coulson!

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Coulson is back and everyone cheered. Steve Rogers may have been still lost in the ice somewhere but that didn’t keep this fanboy down. Coulson is still a forever Steve stan despite getting sidetracked by Thor’s amazing locks and smell. That’s right our boy Coulson has the BEST password ever but easily guessed if you know the guy.

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The big reveal as to who was behind offing the Avengers- WOW. Michael Douglas returns as a Hank Pym that is actually closer to his comic book self than the MCU version. He has turned villain, killing the Avengers and crippling SHIELD in an act driven by the madness that comes with grief. Hope and Janet are both dead and he wants Fury and everyone else to pay.

Oh and Loki started off by attacking Fury, then decided to work with him, and after hanging out on Midgard he took over. But that’s okay, there are other Avengers to page and to thaw.

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What did you think of episode 3 of What If? What was your favorite Easter egg? Any thoughts on what might happen as a result of this one in Season 2? Let us know!

Marvel’s What If is now streaming on Disney+.

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