S3E29: Interview with Peter Billingsley A Christmas Story Christmas

A Christmas Story which came out in 1983 has become a classic over the years and coming to HBO November 17 is A Christmas Story Christmas. We had the chance to sit down for an interview with Peter Billingsely aka Ralphie Parker.

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Interview with Peter Billingsley

Interview with Peter Billingsley

Peter Billingsley’s character Ralphie, now an adult, must return to his old home at Christmastime. Peter himself has been on this journey for over four years, to continue the story and pay homage to the original. We asked Peter what it was like getting back together with his old cast mates. Plus what kinds of Easter eggs fans of the original should be on the lookout for.  

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Jana, a big fan of the original, was all about the Easter eggs. While Ashley, who was too young for it just went along for the ride. Both of us enjoyed the movie so that should tell you something.

About A Christmas Story Christmas

A Christmas Story Christmas follows Ralphie, now an adult, who returns to the house on Cleveland street to give his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had as a child, reconnecting with childhood friends, and reconciling the passing of his Old Man.

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