S3E20: Moon Knight Episode 3 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Welcome back Marvel fans! Today we are talking about episode 3 of Moon Knight. Arthur Harrow has the scarab so Marc needs to find another way to stop him. In Egypt, he teams up with Layla and faces an old comic book foe. Plus did Marvel just reveal there is another identity inside Marc’s body?

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So this is your spoiler warning if you haven’t seen episode 3 of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight episode 3 breakdown podcast

Moon Knight Episode 3 Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Layla picks up a fake passport in order to follow Marc to Egypt. Good thing she does that considering he definitely needs her help finding a certain clue to Ammit’s tomb. But before that, Marc and Steven try to get information about Arthur in order to stop him. It doesn’t go as planned and neither of the guys owns up to killing the Ammit followers. Does that mean there is a third identity lurking in the mind? We think so.

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This episode introduces MCU fans to Anton Mogart, aka Midnight Man, a comic book foe of Moon Knight. Like in the comics, Anton steals things not because he wants the money but because he likes to collect things. And just like the comics, his encounter with Marc Spector leaves him left for dead… maybe.

After some fancy sky work, Khonshu is imprisoned in a shabti which means Marc/Steven and whoever else is using the body won’t have access to Khonshu’s powers. That could prove to be a big problem next week as the race to get to Ammit’s tomb continues.

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