S3E18: Moon Knight Episode 2 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Welcome back Marvel fans! Today we are talking about episode 2 of Moon Knight. Steven must face the consequences of Marc’s actions not only at work but also with Layla. And who is Marc Spector? This week, we all find out.

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So this is your spoiler warning if you haven’t seen episode 2 of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Breakdown

Moon Knight Episode 2 Breakdown & Easter Eggs

This week’s episode begins with Steven fired from his job thanks to Marc’s actions the night before–namely destroying a bathroom to kill the attacking jackal. However, the museum only sees Steven lurking around the floor and running from nothing.

In an effort to prove himself NOT crazy, Steven decides he is going to track down the storage locker that goes with the key he found in his apartment. There he discovers not only is Marc real, but he has led a very different life from Steven. Marc wants to take control in order to finish the mission and get away from Khonshu but Steven refuses to give up the body. Khonshu chases Steven outside where he runs into Layla. Layla, who happens to be Marc’s wife.

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Arthur Harrow has his cop friends arrest Steven and bring him to his part of London where he attempts to recruit Steven to his side. It doesn’t work and Layla shows up to save him. On the run from the evil magician, Layla tells him to, “Summon the suit.” He does, but it’s not the Moon Knight suit but the Mr. Knight suit. Steven is proud of himself until once again is out of his depth. Then it’s up to Marc to take over and save the night.

But Khonshu has plans–and so does Harrow. Marc needs to get to Egypt before worse things happen.

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