S3E16: Moon Knight Trailer Breakdown

The highly anticipated Marvel Studios trailer for Moon Knight finally dropped and fans had a lot to say about it. We say everything from Moon Knight die hards celebrating to other MCU people liking it but having no idea what they watched. Don’t worry, the Geek Girls have your back.

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moon knight trailer breakdown podcast

Moon Knight Trailer Breakdown

It’s time to embrace the chaos. If you missed the Moon Knight trailer, watch this first and then let’s talk about it.

Kid Cudi’s Day ‘n’ Night sets the tone for the trailer as we meet Steven Grant who has quite a few issues. Steven? Isn’t this show about Marc? Yes and yes. See one of the things you need to know about Moon Knight is that he has more than one personality. He suffers from dissociative personality disorder and in the comics he has five alters or personalities.

Due to the clever use of mirrors and a Dick Van Dyke cockney accent, the show will attempt to help viewers follow who is in control of Marc at any given time. Cockney accent: Steven, Gruff American who is also kicking butt: Marc Spector/Moon Knight, White Suit: Mr. Knight, and it’s unclear how Jake Lockley will be distinguished from the rest.

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Ethan Hawke is playing the villainous Arthur Harrow, a cult leader and the obvious villain of the show. We say obvious because after all there could be another bigger bad lurking in the shadows. No we don’t think it is Mephisto but it could be the Sun King or someone else.

Eternals tie in? Yes there is definitely a tie in here. So if you haven’t watched Eternals, you might want to before the show. It’s on Disney+ now so you can skip undesirable parts aka that unnecessary beach scene. How does it relate to Moon Knight? Well you will have to listen to find out.

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